„I need those strains because the world is too peaceful and boring for me

I leave my true nature out in the rain, I’m too lazy just to be“
„Sonne“ – Artheater 2018
Being their first full-fledged live-performance (omitting a prehistoric show at Cologne’s fabled Greesberger), Sonne was performed in 2018 and marks the beginning of NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON’s self-destructive tendency of creating original, programmatic works, fusing an unorthodox approach to composition and improvisation with innovative instrumentation (here notably featuring four light-responsive audiovisual Lichtboxen-synthesizers and a modified Otamatone).
Sonne serves also as an introduction to Otamanice!, an enigmatic deity who here poses as the band’s lead singer and would in subsequent performances attract attention as a central figure within the band’s mythological cosmicism. The dead fox called Pedro, whom fake history would come to know as the Qkuahtagir, also makes his first appearance as an intradiegetic messenger from the future, effectively connecting Sonne to the successive Die Legende des Oqkarhagumn.
Pay special attention to the (hitherto) singular recording of Otamanice!’s hit-single Human Super Power towards the end of the concert!