„Ey, apobraptabra! Guess who’s back? It’s us! NOW MY LIFE […]“
Tired from countlessly reiterating L., G. & S. + T. before the long winter, Amerika set out to do things differently: New compositions and radical concepts for improvisation and performance were written, subdued under the thematic umbrella of “vaguely American pop-cultural references”. What came out of this creative process of reformation and -imagination was both unforeseeable and earth-shattering. 
Amerika brings together ancient astronaut theory, an alien invasion, prepping culture, punk music, garbage cans, cheerleading, slap-bass, intricate clapping-etudes, a powerpoint presentation, an old slide projector, video installations, a Dance Dance Revolution mat, audio sampling, … all the while not shying away from honoring its history and yet again alluding to Dante Honeymoon and Otamanice! lore.
More than ever, Amerika provides a framework for collective improvisation and continuous reintegration of old and new material into a dynamic “playground” that restructures itself with each performance. As such, it contains music, performative improvisation and such outlandish forms of artistic expression as freestyle-rap or a squirrel distributing nuts. 
Currently, NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON is working on Amerika 2.0, transforming the already existing material into a dubious cult ritual and writing new (mostly polyphonic) music for the occasion while also revisiting old L., G. & S. + T. classics.