Die Legende des Oqkar­hagumn

„[…] niemand, scheint mir, erinnert sich noch, dass diese Welt einst eine sehr andere war.“
„Die Legende des Oqkarhagumn“ – Lab.Days 2018
Die Legende des Oqkarhagumn, performed in mid-2018, is a piece of musical theatre telling the convoluted story of how Dante Honeymoon, a deranged researcher of dubitable sanity, uncovers the truth about NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON’s mythological past. As such and more than any other of the band’s performances before or since, it is by nature a formidable exposition-dump, a feast of vaguely coherent worldbuilding, providing a cosmological background for Otamanice!, advancing the plot of his counter-part the Qkuahtagir and introducing new characters, figures and motives which would subsequently turn up in the band’s musical and performative lore.
Musically, the addition of the Klanganzug – a whole-body-suit auditively reacting to the player’s movements – to the band’s instrumentarium is especially noteworthy, here embedded within the piece’s narrative as the figure of the Klangkörper with its iconic helmet.