L., G. & S. + T.

„Loops, Grooves & Samples + Techno“
L. , G. & S. + T.00010
In 2019, merely a year after Sonne was performed, NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON reached their musical and artistic peak – for the time being, at least – with the conception and composition of L., G. & S. + T., which would go on to form the heart of subsequent live-performances for more than a year, until the outbreak of the pandemic put an end to live-music in 2020. Going through multiple revisions and extensions throughout that period, in its first incarnation, L., G. & S. + T. was mostly music: mature, precise, cleverly integrating the accumulated body of original instruments – by now enlarged by the versatile and chaotic Electric Ukulele – into what can best be described as a mixture of progressive rock and electronic improvisation. Notably, the L., G. & S. + T. programs displayed an ever-evolving culture of audio sampling which has never quite left the band and ever since accompanies their method of writing and conceiving music.

„L., G. & S. + T.“ – Artheater 2019

Far at first from the pretensions of previous programs’ worldbuilding, later versions of L., G. & S. + T. began to again engage in the mythos and made extensive use of the band’s body of lore, (partly contradictorily) retelling the story of Otamanice! in increasingly innovative forms of storytelling, ranging from live-action audio drama to shadow play on an old Polylux.
As always with a culture that reaches its peak and runs unhindered for too long, L., G. & S. + T. fell prey to collapse and ruin from within, succumbing to decadence and self-absorption: The music got increasingly repetitive, the improvisations self-iterating, and (somewhat mysteriously) one after the other the instruments broke, until by the end, the ban on live-music in March 2020 came almost as a relief. Thus, NOW MY LIFE IS SWEET LIKE CINNAMON entered into a long slumber that would last for well-nigh two years.